About the Genius

Talle Davidson Amedu, popularly recognized as Dr Talle is the CEO of Upportune InternationalTM – a capacity-building organization where he helps individuals, SMEs, Dream/Business Starters to optimize their potentials for greater impact and profits. Dr Talle as fondly called, is a Business Growth Expert, a certified life coach and Blockchain Product Consultant. He holds an MBA in Business Administration from the prestigious Ascencia Business School in Dubai. With over 10 years of experience in the personal development industry and the cryptocurrency market, he offers a unique blend of skills to help individuals reach their full potentials in both their personal and financial lives. He is named one of AFRICA’S YOUNGEST CHANGE AGENTS and Social Revolutionists.

Dr Talle is a trained and certified life coach at the Peak Life Coaching Academy, PLCA.(Africa’s Premier Life Coaching Academy). He has facilitated various trainings for International Organizations like Google, Mind-The-Gap Foundation, Chrelda Solutions, Life Impact Dimensions, Epoch Art Academy, Streams Academy, Reyach Academy, REFICA, etc…on Basic Digital Skills, Peak Performance, Personal Effectiveness, Personal Leadership, Perception Management, Personal Branding, Project Management, Customer Service, Master Goal Setting, Business Ethics, Public Speaking, Marketing Communications/Presentation, Social Entrepreneurship, Team Building, System Sustainability, and lots more. In 2015, He was among the 70 outstanding Young Nigerian Leaders invited by the Presidency and hosted in AsoRock for the Youth Civic Engagement Strategy Design. Same year, He was part of the Youth Consultation Forum on Youth development for the UN International Youth Day hosted by the Federal Ministry for Youth Development. In the year 2021, he represented the Nigerian youths and gave a speech at the Nigeria Diaspora Investment Summit which held in AsoRock. Dr Talle, a Google certified trainer, Ad Words, and mobile marketer, was a lead trainer and volunteer facilitator on Digital Skills for African Project in South-south region of Nigeria. He contributed greatly in helping Google achieve her goal of empowering 400,000 African Youths with Basic Digital Skills. Currently, he continues to train and provide educational contents that are aiding individuals and organizations build on their brand exposure. His program blocks have also imparted thousands of youths in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Botswana, South Africa, to mention a few.

Dr Talle is the Founder and Senior Analyst at Crypto Elites Hub, a global community with active membership presence in over sixteen (16) countries. The Crypto Elites Club which has a total passive membership of ten thousand and about five thousand active members, is dedicated to raising professionals who are millionaires through Blockchain opportunities. For years, Dr Talle has actively worked as a Blockchain Educationist, Blockchain Product Manager and Advisor and has helped to promote the adoption of Blockchain in over 10 countries. Due to his sterling performance as a Blockchain Product Analyst, in 2020 he was awarded as a top performing international business development partner of OKx Exchange, a leading digital currency trading marketplace. He is currently an Associate Consultant for the MARA –a Blockchain Company and charged with the responsibility of aiding in the growth of the MARA brand. Dr Talle has extensive knowledge of the cryptocurrency market and is able to provide valuable insights and advice to investors. He stays up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the crypto industry and is able to offer expert guidance on investment strategies and risk management. When he is not coaching or training, he makes music.

The Genius is more than willing and ready to add value to you, your event, your project, your dream, and your concerns. With his unique combination of skills and experience, he is the perfect guide to help you attain success.